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Insurance & Schedule of Fees

Therapy and consultation can be paid for on a cash basis or through your health insurance "mental health benefit".  Which payment method is right for you depends upon your circumstances. Many mental health plans are "managed care" plans, or HMO's.  These often limit the number of visits available and require that the therapist make regular reports to a "case manager" in order to request and authorize more sessions for you.  Further, many insurance plans have restricted provider lists, and you don't get to choose your therapist.  You can call the insurance plan and ask them if David Peters is on their list or request that they add him to their list.  If you are concerned about confidentiality, see the article on Confidentiality in the Information Age, in the Past Articles page of this web site. 

Paying on a cash basis offers several advantages.  

  • You pick your therapist, with no interference from your insurance company.

  • Unlimited number of sessions.  Come in as often as you like.

  • Complete confidentiality, as private information isn't written to your medical record.

  • Flexibility in treatment approaches, as no case manager is controlling treatment.

The Sliding Scale Fee

  • Ranging from $60 to $120 per hour, based upon household income.

  • Special financial circumstances may be taken into consideration.

  • The fee is payable at the time of the session.

Insurance and EAP Affiliations

This is partial list of insurance plans and Employee Assistance Plans that list David Peters as a provider.

  • Vista Behavioral Health Plans (VBHP) (both HMO and EAP benefits)

  • Blue Shield

  • Magellan

  • CCN


  • PacifiCare

  • TRICARE Prime and Standard

  • Wellpoint Behavioral Health

  • Managed Health Network (MHN)

  • Health Management Center (HMC)

  • Integra

  • Interface EAP

  • Merit Behavioral Care Organization

  • Beech Street

  • Blue Cross Mental Health Network

  • Blue Cross California Care

  • Blue Cross Prudent Buyer Plan

  • US Behavioral Health (USBH)

  • Com Psych

  • Green Springs

  • Medco Behavioral Care

  • Plan 21 (both HMO and EAP benefits)

  • Horizon EAP (previously HHRC)

  • The Holman Group (EAP)


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